Volleyball Game in Memory of Jeff Kahle

Photo by Cranberry Chronicles staff

Cranberry Chronicles report

A volleyball game meant to just bring awareness to cancer elicited more than information about cancer for fans. Tuesday night, tears were shed and hugs delivered as the Kahle family was supported in mass by their community.

Both Cranberry and Keystone volleyball players wore purple ribbons in their hair that read “Kahle” in memory of Jeffrey Kahle, who had always been a huge supporter of Cranberry sports prior to his passing of cancer last July. He left behind his wife, Doris, and four children, Daniel, Jane, Maggie, and Ellie.

Purple T-shirts were sold to fans and worn by all in recognition of the many types of cancers that have plagued loved ones. In the stands sat survivors of cancer, as well as people who have lost family and friends to the disease.

At the end of the game, the Kahle family graced center court as they learned that the game raised over $3,000 for the family. Kahle gave a heart warming “thank you” that concluded the evening.

In the words of a student spectator, “It is so great to be part of a school that cares so much about each other.”

You can rewatch the live-streamed event here: