An icy reception

Glaze ice on a twig

Glaze ice on an oak leaf

Below freezing temperatures on Saturday led to some icy images over the weekend.

As temperatures warm, the likelihood of finding more of Mother Nature’s frozen creations dwindles.


Cat ice or shell ice

But frigid nights could still create some of these abstract art pieces up until the temperatures rise above freezing and the growing season starts.

An internet search again turns up names for some of these ice formations.


Cat ice or shell ice

The term cat ice is actually in several online dictionaries and refers to the circular ice formations that appear as water recedes.

The paths on Saturday were covered with many, many examples of cat ice as formerly flooded trails froze overnight.

Mother Nature Network said that cat ice is delicate.


Cat ice or shell ice

“The ice forms a thin, brittle layer of circular lines. Water underneath the ice creates the circles when it recedes and refreezes. This particular ice formation is called cat ice because it’s believed that it can hold the weight of dainty, light-footed cat that walks on it,” a post on the network’s website said.

The ice cannot, however,  hold the weight of several large breed dogs and full-sized dairy goats.


Cat ice or shell ice

Thus, one must be quick to capture these creations before they get crushed. Cat ice is also referred to as shell ice.

Examples of glaze ice were found on brush and vegetation beside running water.


Glaze ice on a stick

According to a post on, “glaze is a thin coating of ice that forms when super cooled liquid precipitation, such as freezing rain or drizzle, falls onto exposed objects whose temperature is below or slightly above freezing.”


Ice on some dead grass

This is the case for those items located near the running water. Droplets of water collect on the surface of these items and freeze as they are exposed to the frigid air.


Glaze ice on grass blades by the neighbor’s pond

“Although the droplets freeze almost instantly, they have sufficient time to spread out into a thin layer before doing so. As a result the surfaces become coated by a smooth compact deposit of clear ice,” the post from Weather Online said.


Sherman crosses the ice on the neighbor’s pond

Meanwhile, the St. Bernard’s shortcuts across the neighbor’s pond may be cut short as the ice starts to melt.

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