About $250,000 in scholarships awarded through Bridge Builders

More than $250,000 in college scholarships will be awarded through Bridge Builders Community Foundations to local students for the 2018-19 school term.

“These scholarships would not be possible without the many generous donors who established a scholarship or have given to these scholarships over the years. Their generosity cannot be overstated,” said Trenton Moulin, executive director at Bridge Builders.

The students receiving scholarships have graduated from Oil City, Franklin, Rocky Grove, Cranberry, Clarion, Allegheny-Clarion Valley, Forest Area, Redbank Valley, Keystone, Titusville, Brockway, Brookville and Punxsutawney high schools.

A total of 181 scholarships will be given out and all are funds and endowments that have been created through Bridge Builders Community Foundations.

The scholarships include:

519Strong-Jeremy Coast Memorial Scholarship – Natalie Barcinas, Elizabeth Kiefer, Emily Luther, Jeremy Troup

Adam Weeter Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Cotton

Alexander Bud Marks Scholarship – Dajere Harris

Anna M. Ewalt Memorial Scholarship – Emily Steigerwald

Anna Marie Lanzendorfer Jordan, R.N., Nursing & Healthcare Professions Scholarship – Kristin Lowmaster

Arthur “Bud” Van Nort Memorial Scholarship – Emily Everett

Bracken Scholarship – Jenna Breth

Chester A. & Beulah A. Baum Memorial Scholarship – Natalie Barcinas, Zachary Beichner, Tifany Berry, Trevin Chittester, Lauren Conkle, Abigail Cowles, Cheyanne Crispin, Morgan Cross, Elizabeth Dailey, Taylor Dailey, Hannah Duncan, Grace Ecklund, Gabrielle Garmong, Ian Hepler, Ember Hockman, Jenna Huegel, Emily Irwin, Hope Johnson, Elizabeth Kiefer, Erin Merryman, Oleksandr Pryimuk-Pearsall, Rachel Root, Jayne Wolbert, Kaila Yashinski, Kelsey Ziegler, Kera Zimmerman

David W. Humphrey Scholarship – Nicholas Cherico, Hannah Frederick, Spencer Miller

Dustin A. Fletcher Memorial Scholarship – Debilea Chapel

Eugene F. Hanna Scholarship – Emily Jones, Emily Luther, Emily Steigerwald, Adam Taylor, Tyler Weiss

Floyd E. and Anna E. Carbaugh Memorial Scholarship – Emily Everett, Samantha Stoltz

Forest County Taxpayers Association Scholarship – Emily Everett

Francis E. Gibbons Memorial Scholarship – Drew Martin

Francis Jones Weber Scholarship – Sheila Roos

Franklin High School Alumni Scholarship – Quincy Adams, Taylor Aylesworth, Loren Baseler, Alexandra Emrick, Kurtis Hingl, Alex Huff, Tyra McGarvie, Chelsea McKenzie, Becca Spencer, Adam Taylor

Franklin Rotary – Jay French Miller Scholarship – Zane Baughman, Matthew Heasley, Justin Heller, Maria Kleck, Zachary Lyons, Drew Martin

George Francis Rouault Memorial Scholarship – Hayley Byers

Grace Woods Nellis Scholarship – Hannah Young

Gwendolyn Smith Scholarship – Dakota Hetrick

J. Bowman Proper Memorial Scholarship – Steven Barnett, Seth Berlin, Aimee Haslet, Ben Kaltenbach, Bryant Niederriter, Lorraine Pedersen, Rachel Stubler, Danielle West-Habjanetz, Kaitlinn Young

Janet L. Henc Scholarship – Haley Karns, Elizabeth Dailey

James D. Schwab PhD Scholarship – Hannah Kapp

Jean Lucille Frank Scholarship – Truman Littler

Jefferson County 4-H Scholarship – Megan Snyder, Amberley Spicher, Staci Wolfe

Jensin Michael Potts Scholarship – Ashley Finch, Caden Highfield, Jordan Long

John R. Loeffler Memorial Golf Scholarship – Zachary Lyons, Kayla McCandless

Kami Dinger Memorial Scholarship – Kendra Gadley

Kinnear West Forest Scholarship – Seth Berlin, Aimee Haslet

Margery Himes Memorial Scholarship – Madeline Boyle, Debilea Chapel, Hannah Frederick, Emily Gourley, Bryan Layton

Marsha Beichner Memorial Scholarship – Samantha Stoltz

Mary E. Shaner Scholarship – Taylor Geer

Nicholas R. Sanford Memorial Journalism Scholarship – Alyssa Nardozzi, Cassondralee Schwalm

Nicholas R. Sanford Memorial Scholarship – Gabrielle Garmong

Oil City Mayor’s Scholarship – Truman Littler

Paul and Ellen Flickner Girls Basketball Scholarship – Alyssa Beichner, Danica Hurrelbrink, Madison Winger, Abbigail Yeager

Roy E. Sanner Memorial Scholarship – Tifany Berry, Kylynn Boley, Trevin Chittester, Justin Heller

Ruth Persons Bear and Robert H. Bear Memorial Scholarship – Emily Steigerwald

Ruth and Vernon Taylor Scholarship – Bryant Niederriter

Scotty Bashline Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Cotton

Sherman Memorial Scholarship – Brooke Black, Bryant Niederriter

Susan L. Daniels Memorial Scholarship – Matthew Heasley, Maria Kleck

Susie McConnell Memorial Scholarship – Truman Littler, Jasmine Long

Thomas D. Fulton Memorial Scholarship – Bryant Niederriter

Thomas E. McNamara Scholarship – Kaitlinn Young

Troopers Patterson & Richey Memorial Scholarship – Grace Ecklund, Ryan Sines

Tut Toth Memorial Scholarship – Dakota Hetrick, Bryan Layton, Kaia Rearick, Jeremy Troup

Venus Telephone Corporation Scholarship – Hannah Duncan, Jenna Huegel, Elizabeth Kiefer, Erin Merryman

Vera A. Lamey Scholarship – Lillian Anthony, Debilea Chapel, Ivy Chen, Brentley Moffett, Destiny Weiser

Virginia Gordon Russell Scholarship – Brian Jiang

Walter H. Flinchbaugh Memorial Scholarship – Rebecca Chittester, Ashley Finch, Bethany Hart, Nicholas Howard, Hannah Kapp, Matthew Meehan, Morgan Meehan, Skye Mitchell, Alexia ONeil, Benjamin Orrvick, Kylie Shaffer, Samuel Weaver, Matthew Weaver, Kelsey Ziegler

Washington Township Community Association Scholarship – Grace Ecklund, Erin Merryman

Will Fabry Memorial Scholarship – Emmalie Dickey, Jessika Lindsey, Alyssa Nardozzi

William H. Locke Scholarship – Lillian Anthony, Haley Bechtel, Peyton Bontz, Debilea Chapel, Ivy Chen, Caroline Deeter, Caden Highfield, Amber Horner, Megan Hudson, Rhiannon Kenniston, Jillian Kutchravy, Madison Lawrie, AnneFrances Lenze, Truman Littler, Jenna Loll, Jordan Long, Benjamin Mizerak, Brentley Moffett, Justin Moffett, Maggie Motter, Hannah Schettler, Destiny Weiser, Lauren Womer

Young Wood Scholarship – Chelsea McKenzie

The scholarship application process begins each year in January and ends in April, and awardees are chosen based on criteria of each scholarship.

“Our vision is to provide an effective way of serving donors and communities by creating and growing endowments that serve the needs in our area,” said Moulin. “Distributing these scholarships is not just about providing funds to students to pay for college, it’s an opportunity to empower young people – the future workforce and leaders of our community. We believe this is what the donors intended when they established these scholarships,” he said.