A Weekend of Camping Cheer


By Hannah Niederriter

The arrival of dusk often leads to some beautiful lighting,

especially on the waters of Kinzua.

Sun-kissed Waters 

By Amber Holt

Water is nature’s luxury when it comes to camping.

The closer the sun gets to the horizon, the more dazzling it becomes.

The Maiden of Mallards

By Hannah Niederriter

Bodies of water are typically home to various fowl, including ducks.

Female mallards grace these lakes with an elegant aura about them.

Basking in Youthfulness

By Amber Holt

Beautiful days by the shoreline always make for cute summer photos

of my photography partner-in-crime.

Sun-Glazed Solitude

By Hannah Niederriter

Family is one of the most notable portions of camping.

This photo captures the companionship of man and dog while boating on the lake.

Maritime Trails

By Amber Holt

The view from the back of a boat is arguably as beautiful as the front.

Devotion of Dusk

By Hannah Niederriter

True happiness can be found in a variety of places,

including on the water with vivid sunsets and vast forests.

Ochre Suds 

By Amber Holt

The foamy, transparent waters of the shoreline

make for a unique and almost abstract photo.

Stone Shores and Stillness

By Hannah Niederriter

In the circumstance that a bird roams onto shore only a few feet in front of you,

it’s the perfect picture opportunity. Stillness is key for a successful shot.


Hannah Niederriter and Amber Holt are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.