A Touch of Color

A Cranberry High School student adds dye to create her shirt in Chemistry class. (By Kristen Hogue/Student contributor)

Student contributors

Cranberry High School students in Kathleen Uhrinek’s Chemistry classes participated in a tie-dying project.

This graded activity, based on the most recent unit, consisted of students choosing a tie-dye pattern for a T-shirt; mapping out the colors they would like; and applying the dye to the actual shirt.

One student, Olivia Plummer, said, “It was fun, a really fun process.”

The students took their tie-dyed masterpieces home to rinse them out and then wore the shirts to school Friday to showcase their work during tie-dye spirit day.

Cranberry High School chemistry teacher Kathleen Uhrenik helps a student place her newly dyed shirt in a baggie to take home to finish the process. (By Kristen Hogue/Student contributor)


Zoe Albert, Sam Black-Wigren and Kristen Hogue are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications class.