A Fond Farewell

Photos by Jillian Plummer and Jenna Seigworth/Student contributors

By AMBER HOLT with contributions by HANNAH NIEDERRITER
Student contributors

This year, Cranberry High School is losing a valued faculty member.  Special Education teacher Sharon Dale retired after about 24 years of teaching reading to many students.

On Tuesday, May 4, during study period, students paid tribute to Dale by hosting a celebration in the school library.

Commemorating her time as a teacher, each of Dale’s former and current students attended, all having a card of what they liked about her. A select few even had posters and quotes to share with her. Many students just wanted to thank her for her kindness and support that she had always expressed.

Teachers and support staff were also in attendance to wish her well.

One student attending the send-off expressed that “the school will need more people like her because she has been nice to all the students.”

Special Education teacher Paula Turk also added that Dale was such a positive influence to people at CHS, saying that “she has been a source of strength for so many faculty members as well as students.”

After a brief presentation from two different students and one other teacher, students and staff applauded Dale and wished her a happy retirement.


Amber Holt, Hannah Niederriter, Jillian Plummer and Jenna Seigworth are students at Cranberry High School and members of Cranberry Chronicles, the school’s journalism/publications group.