2 Titusville officers on administrative leave

From staff reports

Two Titusville police officers are on administrative leave after one of them fired a weapon at a vehicle

The incident, which occurred at about 12:40 a.m. Monday, is being investigated by Corry state police.

State police said the Titusville officers tried to stop a maroon Ford Escape for traffic violations, and the vehicle fled through Titusville and into Oil Creek Township.

The vehicle stopped near the intersection of Route 8 and Boghollow Road when a Titusville police cruiser pulled in front of the vehicle, state police said.

One of the Titusville officers left the cruiser and fired his weapon in the direction of the vehicle, state police said.

The vehicle then went south toward Titusville and wasn’t located, according to state police.

“When the registration was ran, it did not match the vehicle it was on,” Titusville police Chief Dustin LeGoullon said.

Corry state police are investigating the interaction between the suspect and the Titusville officers.

LeGoullon said that administrative leave for the officers involved, as well as an investigation by an outside agency, is routine when a firearm or deadly force is used.

The investigation, LeGoullon said, is two-fold, involving the state police and the Crawford County district attorney’s office.

“The state police gathers all the evidence and conducts interviews,” he said. “Once that’s all obtained, that all will go to the district attorney’s office.”