2 cited after dog incident in Oil City

From staff reports

Oil City police have filed summary charges against two women in connection with an incident Saturday in Siverly in which police shot a dog they said was running loose.

Court dockets indicate that Ann Gilbert, 44, and her daughter, Brittany Gilbert, 18, both of Oil City, have been cited through district judge Andrew Fish’s office.

Oil City Police Chief Bob Wenner confirmed Tuesday that a Doberman from the Gilbert home was shot and wounded by police Saturday when they responded to a report of two individuals being attacked by loose dogs along Siverly Avenue.

“The officers attempted to take the dogs into custody, but it was unsuccessful and the dogs became aggressive with the officer,” Wenner said. “The Doberman was shot by one of the officers. The other dog (a pitbull) ran away,” Wenner added.

Wenner said the Doberman was later located and returned to its home.

Ann and Brittany Gilbert have both been cited through district judge Andrew Fish’s office on summary counts of dog attacks human without provocation and failure to confine within premises of the owner, according to the court dockets.

“It’s never something officers want to do but we are charged with protecting the people,” Wenner said about the incident.

Wenner said all the information police had was gathered directly from one of the individuals who was attacked.