12 Cranberry students take part in U.N. conference

Cranberry High School students who attended the Pennsylvania High School United Nations Conference at Penn State include (front, from left) Mikayla Walker, Ali Shepard, Jenna Seigworth, Sam Weaver; (middle) Elizabeth Dailey, Dylan Lu, Evan Hepler; and (back) Shay Harry, Michael Gunn, Ian Hepler, Trevin Chittester, and Joe Gunn. (Contributed photo)

From staff reports

Twelve students represented Cranberry at the Pennsylvania High School United Nations Conference and were named the Outstanding Small Delegation last weekend at Penn State, University Park.

Students spent 16 hours debating and discussing international policy and relations in crisis situations that are specific to various committee topics. They researched and demonstrated their knowledge of the following roles and committees:

Shay Harry served as the mayor of Los Angeles in the committee, Californian Secession 2020.

Trevin Chittester and Sam Weaver represented the German Democratic Party in the End of the Weimar Experiment (Germany 1932).

Elizabeth Dailey, who received an honorable mention award, acted as Tristan in the Medieval fantasy committee, Arthurian Legends: The Knights of the Round Table.

Ian Hepler played the role of Gilad Erdan-Min. Public Security in the Israel-Palestine Negotiations committee.

Ali Shepard was Zhang Xueliang in the Second United Front committee which dealt with the Chinese Civil War of 1937.

Mikayla Walker was verbally commended for her work as Minister James McFadden of Scotland in the Divided Kingdom 2040 Committee in which the United Kingdom dissolves.

Jenna Seigworth was Philip English during the Salem Colony Crisis.

Joe Gunn was Liu Shaoqi and also in the Second United Front.

Michael Gunn represented Scotland at a future Global Energy Summit in 2025.

Dylan Lu also received a verbal commendation for leading Nigeria during the Liberian Civil War.

Evan Hepler had the role of Tolui, the son of Ghengis Kahn in the Mongol Horde.

Additionally, two Cranberry alumni who now attend Penn State were a part of the staff for the conference. Tanner Fell and Andrew Holden served in the crisis committee for Arthurian Legends and as co-chair for the Weimar Experiment, respectively.